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 (no͝or′ō-bĭ-hāv′yə-rəl, nyo͝or′-)
Of or relating to the relationship of the nervous system, especially the brain, to behavior and learning.
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NSBRI is soliciting for research proposals of one year in duration to strengthen the project portfolios of its Human Factors and Performance, Musculoskeletal Alterations, Neurobehavioral and Psychosocial Factors, Radiation Effects, and Smart Medical Systems & Technology research teams.
A neurobehavioral test battery is often employed in studies aiming to identify neurotoxic effects of environmental exposures.
Two proposals will investigate neurobehavioral conditions and standardized behavioral measures relevant to exploration class missions.
Glasgow Outcome Scale-Extended measures were "essentially indistinguishable" between blast-related and nonblast TBI, as were neuropsychological abnormalities; neurobehavioral impairments; focal neurological deficits; headache-related disability; PTSD and its components; depression; alcohol misuse; and sleep disturbances.
Therefore, this research studies probable side effects caused by the entrance of the nanomaterials into the body of the pregnant mothers, neurobehavioral endpoints in the pups, and the effects of the nanomaterials on reproduction indices.
Ingersoll (psychiatry and neurobehavioral sciences, U.
The TuCASA study examined Hispanic and Caucasian kids between 6 and 11 years of age to determine the prevalence and incidence of SDB and its effects on neurobehavioral functioning.
Data are certainly sparse regarding the potential for long-term neurobehavioral adverse effects of fetal exposure to older and newer antipsychotics, as is the case for most psychiatric medicines.
The purpose of this integrative review is to determine whether gender differences exist in cognitive function, neurobehavioral symptoms, and chronic stress levels after a mild-to-moderate TBI.
Importantly, FAS is associated with a broad range of neurobehavioral deficits (for more information, see the article by Coles, pp.
Topics include normal sleep physiology, overview of sleepiness, cardiovascular effects of sleep-disordered breathing, narcolepsy and hypersomnias, oral appliances for snoring and sleep apnea, the role of psychology in treating sleep disorders, expansion sphincter pharyngoplasty for obstructive sleep apnea, skeletal surgery, and neurobehavioral morbidity in childhood sleep disorders.
Borna disease virus and its role in neurobehavioral disease.