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 (no͝or′ō-kĕm′ĭ-strē, nyo͝or′-)
The study of the chemical composition and processes of the nervous system and the effects of chemicals on it.

neu′ro·chem′i·cal (-kəl) adj.
neu′ro·chem′ist n.


(Chemistry) chem the study of the chemistry of the nervous system


(ˌnʊər oʊˈkɛm ə stri, ˌnyʊər-)

the study of the chemistry of the nervous system.
neu′ro•chem`ist, n.
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Nicotine and alcohol, two addictive substances, were the subject of a recent study published in the Journal of Neurochemistry that sheds the light on why drinking could lead to smoking.
Fisher is a leading expert on the biology of human personality and a pioneer in examining the neurochemistry of leadership and innovation.
OTCQB: RGRX) ("RegeneRx" or the "Company"), a clinical-stage drug development company focused on tissue protection, repair and regeneration, today announced a new scientific publication in the most recent issue of the Journal of Neurochemistry describing how Thymosin beta 4 (TB4) reduces neurological injury following a stroke by up-regulating the expression of microRNA-200a (miR-200a).
Tenders are invited for Supply of real time pcr system, laptop and ups to neurochemistry department at nimhans,bangalore.
Liz said: "For me love is that wonderful biochemistry and neurochemistry - all the biology that makes us attracted to a particular individual.
Topics cover include: Various forms of cortical dysfunctions, such as seizures, disconnection syndrome, coma, and dementia; The role of prefrontal cortex in behavior and attention, introducing the topic of autism; Up-to-date information on the auditory, vestibular, gustatory, and limbic systems; The neurochemistry of the limbic system, memory and associated disorders, and the structural and neuronal circuitry of the hippocampal gyrus; Structural organization and associated pathways of the extrapyramidal system, demonstrating the neurochemical basis of movement disorders, and more.
Return to the Brain of Eden: Restoring the Connection Between Neurochemistry and Consciousness explores how the human brain increased at a rapid rate over a period of a million years--then, 200,000 years ago, suddenly stopped.
Entries cover a variety of concepts and perspectives, including memory encoding, storage, and retrieval, types and models of memory, memory errors, relevant neuroanatomy and neurochemistry, pathologies involving memory, performance-based assessment instruments, technological assessments of brain function, and noteworthy researchers.
Theoretical computer scientist Yariv Levy conducted this investigation while a doctoral student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst with neuroscience researcher Jerrold Meyer, an expert in the neurochemistry of human psychiatric disorders, and computer scientist Andrew Barto, an expert in mathematical theory of learning and planning.
Research expertise: De Rosa applies two related approaches: a cross-species method, which compares models of the neurochemistry of attention and learning in rats to humans, along with an across-lifespan approach that examines the cholinergic hypothesis of age-related changes in cognition.
Summary: Paris: Research into the wonder material graphene and the neurochemistry of the human brain will .
some truth discovered, that is more than simple neurochemistry gone amok" (p.