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the bony or cartilaginous case inclosing the brain.

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In dorsal view a rostral appendix separated from the neurocranium can be observed, anterior to the nasal capsules where pectoral fins meet.
The scientists so far have restored 11 Homotherium bone fragments to recreate an almost complete neurocranium.
Both Winge (1887) and Shamel (1931) highlighted the dominating appearance of the neurocranium in this rodent.
Surgeons, anatomists, and others from the US, Europe, Asia, Canada, and Qatar provide 21 chapters on the neurocranium and facial skeleton, skull base, soft tissues, arteries, veins, nerves, muscles, orbit, eyelid, nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, external nose, auricle and external acoustic meatus, oral cavity and pharynx, and neck, with drawings, interoperative photos, and radiologic images.
Bandages or strips of bark tightly wrapped around the baby's head exerted equal pressure on the whole neurocranium and led therefore to circular erect heads.
Acrania is reserved for cases where the entire neurocranium (including the skull and skull base) is absent with complete but abnormal development of brain tissue.
Elasmobranch skeletal analysis are a useful tool for taxonomy and systematics studies, remarkably those involving the neurocranium, gill arches, scapulocoracoid, pelvic girdle, clasper, and synarcual (Hubbs et al.
2013b): A new titanosaur sauropod neurocranium from the Late Cretaceous of Spain.
The craniofacial complex is formed by aset of structures including, roughly, the viscerocranium (face) and the neurocranium.
INTRODUCTION: The skull is composed of the neurocranium which surrounds the brain, eyes and inner plus middle ears, and the viscerocranium which is derived from the frontonasal and first arch mesenchyme and forms the facial skeleton.
The articulations of the neurocranium in the postnatal skeleton of the domestic fowl (Gallua gallus domesticus).