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 (no͝or′ō-jə-nĕt′ĭks, nyo͝or′-)
n. (used with a sing. verb)
The study of the genetic factors that contribute to the development of neurological disorders.
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This study has significant implications for treatment of diabetes and also other autoimmune diseases," said Ostrov, associate professor at the University of Florida College of Medicine's Center for NeuroGenetics.
SAN DIEGO -- The presence of Corynebacterium in the gut microbiome of people with two G alleles at the rs356219 single nucleotide polymorphism locus of the alpha-synuclein gene was associated with 100% probability of having Parkinson's disease in a study conducted by the NeuroGenetics Research Consortium.
To understand more about muscular dystrophy, Egypt Today sat down with Rasha El-Sherif MD, the leading Consultant of Neurogenetics and a Muscular Dystrophy Specialist.
The behavioral neurogenetics of fragile X syndrome: analyzing gene-brain-behavior relationships in child developmental psychopathologies.
James Heckman, Nobel Prize winning economist at the University of Chicago, whose analysis shows the economic returns, and Dr Pat Levitt, WM Keck Provost Professor of Neurogenetics at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California, whose research shows how genes and environment together influence typical and atypical brain development
Now chief of the Laboratory of Neurogenetics at the USA's National Institute on Aging, he leads one of the world's top research teams tackling neurological diseases including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
The recent advances in neurology has been found in areas like Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuroethics, Epilepsy, Neurogenetics and Stroke.
The main source of case identification were hospital medical files, with relevant medical data routinely collected by neurologists at the Neuroimmunology and Neurogenetics Unit, Clinical Department of Neurology, Sestre milosrdnice University Hospital Centre in Zagreb, Croatia, during hospitalization.
Seyfried has taught and conducted research in the fields of neurogenetics, neurochemistry, and cancer for more than 25 years at Yale University and Boston College.
By working together with the MPI for Brain Research and the Max Planck Research Center for Neurogenetics, the MPI for Biophysics needs an expansion of the fine-art technical development workshops (FWT).
a low frequent diagnosis in the neurogenetics consultation).