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Noun1.neurolysin - any toxin that affects neural tissues
botulinum toxin - any of several neurotoxins that are produced by the anaerobic bacterium Clostridium botulinum; causes muscle paralysis
domoic acid - a neurotoxin that is deadly for humans; found in various marine algae
saxitoxin - a powerful neurotoxin produced by certain dinoflagellates found in red tides; it can accumulate in mollusks that feed on the dinoflagellates and cause food poisoning to humans
toxin - a poisonous substance produced during the metabolism and growth of certain microorganisms and some higher plant and animal species
kokoi venom - a potent neurotoxin found in a particular frog
tetrodotoxin - a powerful neurotoxin found in the ovaries of pufferfish


n. neurolisina, anticuerpo inyectable que se obtiene de una sustancia cerebral. V.: neurotoxin.