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Noun1.neurogenic bladder - a urinary bladder disorder caused by a lesion in the nervous system
bladder disorder - a disorder of the urinary bladder
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Neuropathic bladder and intermittent catheterization: Social and psychological impact on families.
Neuropathic bladder dysfunction in patients with motor complete and sensory incomplete spinal cord lesion.
The study, Development of a Urinary Symptom Questionnaire for People with Neuropathic Bladder, will develop a questionnaire for individuals being treated for bladder dysfunction because of SCI to assist them in self-assessments of their health.
Intravesical instillation of oxybutynin hydrochloride therapy for patients with a neuropathic bladder.
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The inspirational youngster also has scoliosis, an abnormal twisting of the spine, as well as a neuropathic bladder meaning the nerves that control her bladder are damaged.
or non-urological conditions like idiopathic detrusor over activity, neuropathic bladder as a result of diabetes, strokes, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinsonism or degeneration of bladder smooth muscle giving rise to impaired voiding and detrusor instability.
The development of modern neurosurgery (closure of the lesion and treatment of hydrocephalus) and the advent of treatment for the neuropathic bladder addressed the major causes of mortality.
Lynsey has to endure dialysis three times a week, after the condition neuropathic bladder left her kidneys badly damaged, despite successful bladder surgery in 2007.