neurotic depression

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Noun1.neurotic depression - a term used for any state of depression that is not psychotic
clinical depression, depressive disorder, depression - a state of depression and anhedonia so severe as to require clinical intervention
psychotic depression - a state of depression so severe that the person loses contact with reality and suffers a variety of functional impairments
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She was prescribed medication for neurotic depression but months before the tragedy, she stopped taking the drugs because she didn't think she needed them.
27 conditions Diagnosis Major depression (%) 39 30 Neurotic depression (%) 18 14 Depression not otherwise 35 52 specified (%) Adjustment disorder (%) 8 3 Percent in patient's zip code 48 46 completing some college (%) Average income in patient's $36,409 $34,862 zip code N 1,100 647 Continuously Enrolled Sample (N=631) Variable Pre-Carve-Out Post-Carve-Out Average age (years) 39 41 Gender, male (%) 34 33 Average number of comorbid .