neutron flux

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Noun1.neutron flux - the rate of flow of neutrons; the number of neutrons passing through a unit area in unit time
flux - the rate of flow of energy or particles across a given surface
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Because of such a relatively large background neutron flux, even when the plutonium <<projectile>> approaches the plutonium <<target>> between them, a chain nuclear reaction starts prematurely, leading to inefficient separation of intranuclear energy in the zone of their <<meeting>>.
Also the analytical expressions for a neutron flux density and a spectrum of neutron moderation were obtained, which also depends on the temperature of a reactor medium.
Each of the two reactors needs a separate automated neutron flux control system because they work independently.
For the same neutron flux, you can have a much smaller detector yet still count the same number of neutrons coming in because of the high density" of boron atoms for nuclear reactions, said McGinnis.
These LVDTs withstand total integrated neutron flux levels of up to 3 x 1020 NVT and total integrated radiation levels of up to 1011 RADs or 109 Gy (gray).
However, like the helium-based counters, this device was unable to determine neutron flux direction, so McGinnis went back to work to find a solution to this remaining deficiency.
2) By gaining more information from the gamma ray spectrum, it might reduce the gamma ray or neutron flux needed to induce fission and the dose resulting from fission, thereby increasing worker safety.
At ILL the decision was taken to design a world-leading instrument, utilising the high neutron flux available.
In addition, glass capacitors can operate in fast neutron flux environments and experience little or no degradation to component parameters.
4 barn) (Stacey 2001), it was considered that aluminium casings would have little effect on the neutron flux, and so were neglected in the analysis.
Inside the reactor core, there will be specialized facilities that exploit the internal neutron flux for testing new fuel configurations and new reactor materials.