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 (no͞oz′wēk′lē, nyo͞oz′-)
n. pl. news·week·lies
A weekly newsmagazine or newspaper that reports current events.


a weekly publication concerned with current affairs


(ˈnuzˌwik li, ˈnyuz-)

n., pl. -lies.
a newsmagazine or newspaper published weekly.
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5, 2014 Network television's only weekly series on religion's role in American life, international news and major ethical issues, Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly , returns for its 18th season on Friday, September 5, 2014 at 5 p.
Berlin :Germany will accept a higher-than-permitted public deficit in France for this year if Paris can credibly show it will stick to European Union rules in 2014, the Spiegel newsweekly reported on Sunday.
Tag-lined "the newsweekly of home products retailing, "HFN" features industry news, news and analysis of products, major product trends and retail trends in the home furnishings industry and focuses on the changing dynamics of the market.
An educator by profession, Rofes was editor of the Gay Community News in Boston in the 1970s, the only LGBT newsweekly at the time.
Have you ever gotten the impression that reading one major newsweekly is like reading another?
These are just a few of the arresting quotes from last fall's early weeks of the PBS award-winning show Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly.
I'm just saying there is a controversy," DeHart tells Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, "and students need to be aware of it.
As first reported by "Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly," a PBS television program, Muslim leaders expressed pleasure with Khan's new position in the administration but pointed out that there are still no Muslims in decision-making positions in the federal government.
Whitaker became the first black editor of a national newsweekly in 1998--21 years after serving an internship at Newsweek while a student at Harvard.
The national newsweekly will come out on the same schedule as the regular edition and contain between 80 and 85 percent of the content.
Historian Lepekhine discovered Golovinski's authorship in Russia's long-closed archives and published his findings last November in the French newsweekly L'Express.