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(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Bhutan, divided into 100 chetrum


(əŋˈgʌl trəm)

the basic monetary unit of Bhutan, introduced in 1973.
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Noun1.ngultrum - the basic unit of money in Bhutan
Bhutanese monetary unit - monetary unit in Bhutan
chetrum - 100 chetrums equal 1 ngultrum in Bhutan
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Its currency Ngultrum is linked to the Indian rupee, its budget supported by the government of India.
The case with Bhutan is different because Indian Rupee is a legal tender and the Bhutanese Ngultrum has been pegged at par to the Indian Rupee since its first issue in 1974.
The Bhutanese currency, the ngultrum, is tied to the Indian rupee, with which it is on par.
Given close economic ties with India, Directors agreed that the exchange rate peg to the Indian rupee has served Bhutan well and remains an appropriate nominal anchor, even as the ngultrum is moderately overvalued.
With Ngultrum 10 million already released by the government; work on basic infrastructure like water, electricity, road, ground-leveling and fencing will begin soon.
All were eager to bargain with their local currency, the ngultrum, tied to the worth of the Indian rupee.