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An iron-headed golf club with the face slanted at a greater angle than any other iron except a wedge; a nine iron.

[Origin unknown.]


(Golf) golf (formerly) a club, a no. 9 iron, giving a great deal of lift
[C19: of unknown origin]


(ˈnɪb lɪk)

n. Older Use.
the ninth of the irons in golf, the face of which has the greatest slope.
[1855–60; orig. uncertain]
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Noun1.niblick - an iron with considerable loftniblick - an iron with considerable loft  
iron - a golf club that has a relatively narrow metal head


n (Golf) → Niblick m
References in classic literature ?
It's a moral certainty that if he hadn't met you he would have left all his money to a Home for Superannuated Caddies or a Fund for Supplying the Deserving Poor with Niblicks.
Dressed in garb from the roaring 20s we each selected a bag of four clubs - a putter, a niblick (9 iron), a mashie (5 iron) and a mid iron (2 iron) and then picked out a wood.
There we have it, another improvement in Golf's game and not a mashie niblick in sight.
Aristotle and the Virtues is written in an informal or conversational manner that some may find delightful, others off-putting: "virtue ethics is hot"; "All of this is quite nifty"; "I am a drag-Aristotle-into-the current- debates sort of guy"; "Suppose Niblick steals a bicycle from Mashie, and Obadiah steals Mashie's ipod.
Ironically playing the "Beat the Pro" hole for the event, Vickers used a niblick, the ancient version of the modern eight iron, to record the fifth ace of his career.
waving her high-tech, titanium niblick like a wand.
I was enjoying a very pleasant short break in Fife and can report that you don't need to know your niblick from your putter to enjoy St Andrews.
The sand course at Awali is the oldest sand course in the region, dating back to long before Mr Braidwood was even a twitch in his daddy's niblick.
Also on the property is The Niblick, an 18-hole par three course, along with an excellent practice facility that features the state's largest grass hitting area.
SPORT: Welsh soccer's bad boy in trouble again - while training in Portugal, Cardiff-born Liverpool star Craig Bellamy turns clubmate John Arne Riise into a golf club mate, whacking him with a number nine iron or maybe a niblick.
A full bag of clubs usually included three woods, a driver, spoon and niblick, a 7 and 8 iron, a sand wedge, putter and a half dozen balls.