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I don't believe any of you suffer as I do," cried Amy, "for you don't have to go to school with impertinent girls, who plague you if you don't know your lessons, and laugh at your dresses, and label your father if he isn't rich, and insult you when your nose isn't nice.
If a nice girl, she had a young man who came to her house to see her on Sunday and on Wednesday evenings.
But first you come down to the kitchen with me, and have a nice warm bath behind the stove.
It was Tommy Drake and Fanny Marsh that furnished the sugar - nice children, the nicest at the post, I think.
It was a mighty nice family, and a mighty nice house, too.
It tastes nice today," said Mary, feeling a little surprised her self.
You're a nice sympathetic man, anyhow," she laughed; "what a pity you don't bicycle
a nice clean kitchen with a flagged floor and wooden beams--just like any other farm kitchen.
I have seen some of them,' returned Dick; 'they - they are very nice.
There is an Englishman here, with his sister, and they seem to be rather nice people.
Beebe sat back complacently, and Miss Alan began as follows: "It was a novel--and I am afraid, from what I can gather, not a very nice novel.
I am sure," cried Catherine, "I did not mean to say anything wrong; but it is a nice book, and why should not I call it so?