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n. pl. ni·ce·ties
1. The quality of showing or requiring careful, precise treatment: the nicety of a diplomatic exchange.
2. Delicacy of character or feeling; fastidiousness; scrupulousness.
3. A fine point, small detail, or subtle distinction: the niceties of etiquette.
4. An elegant or refined feature; an amenity: the niceties of civilized life.

[Middle English nicete, silliness, exactitude, from Old French, silliness, from nice, silly; see nice.]


n, pl -ties
1. a subtle point of delicacy or distinction: a nicety of etiquette.
2. (usually plural) a refinement or delicacy: the niceties of first-class travel.
3. subtlety, delicacy, or precision
4. excessive refinement; fastidiousness
5. to a nicety with precision


(ˈnaɪ sɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
1. a delicate or fine point; subtlety: the niceties of protocol.
2. exactness or preciseness, as in workmanship; detail.
3. Usu., niceties. refined or fine things or manners: the niceties of life.
4. the quality of being nice; niceness.
5. delicacy; care or tact: a matter of considerable nicety.
[1275–1325; Middle English: silliness, extravagance, cleverness < Old French niceté. See nice, -ty2]
nice, nicety - Nice first meant "foolish, ignorant," derived from Latin nescius, "ignorant"; nicety first meant "stupidity."
See also related terms for ignorant.
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Noun1.nicety - conformity with some esthetic standard of correctness or propriety; "it was performed with justness and beauty"
conformance, conformity - correspondence in form or appearance
2.nicety - a subtle difference in meaning or opinion or attitude; "without understanding the finer nuances you can't enjoy the humor"; "don't argue about shades of meaning"
meaning, signification, import, significance - the message that is intended or expressed or signified; "what is the meaning of this sentence"; "the significance of a red traffic light"; "the signification of Chinese characters"; "the import of his announcement was ambiguous"


noun fine point, distinction, subtlety, nuance, refinement, minutiae We have dealt with all the legal niceties.
finom részlet
smáatriîi, nákvæmnisatriîi
ince noktapüf noktası


[ˈnaɪsɪtɪ] Nsutileza f
nicetiesdetalles mpl, sutilezas fpl
legal nicetiespormenores mpl legales
she went through the social nicetiesrealizó las formalidades or los cumplidos de rigor
to judge sth to a nicetyjuzgar algo con precisión or al detalle


(= subtlety)Feinheit f; (of judgement)Schärfe f; (= precision)(peinliche) Genauigkeit; to a nicetyäußerst or sehr genau
niceties plFeinheiten pl, → Details pl


[ˈnaɪsɪtɪ] n (of judgment) → accuratezza niceties nplparticolari mpl, finezze fpl
a question of some nicety → una questione piuttosto delicata
to a nicety → alla perfezione


(nais) adjective
1. pleasant; agreeable. nice weather; a nice person.
2. used jokingly. We're in a nice mess now.
3. exact; precise. a nice sense of timing.
ˈnicely adverb
nicety (ˈnaisəti) plural ˈniceties noun
a precise or delicate detail.
to a nicety
exactly. He judged the distance to a nicety.
References in classic literature ?
The old man with his absurdly boyish mind had a dozen long boards on the wheelbarrow, and, as he hurried along the road, balanced the load with extreme nicety.
There was no time to wait for any nicety of service.
the life is in his heart yet, and after he has slept awhile he will come to himself, and be a wiser man for it, till the hour of his real time shall come," returned Hawkeye, casting another oblique glance at the insensible body, while he filled his charger with admirable nicety.
He was chiefly marked as a gentleman--if such, indeed, he made any claim to be--by the rather remarkable whiteness and nicety of his clean linen.
The folds of the drapery, the fall of the curtains, had been arranged and rearranged, by Adolph and Rosa, with that nicety of eye which characterizes their race.
With the most painstaking care and nicety, I stood the umbrella up once more, took my hand away, and down it came again.
Selina says it is quite horror to herand I believe I have caught a little of her nicety.
But unfortunately my own nicety, and the nicety of my friends, have made me what I am, an idle, helpless being.
She skirted round the point and calculated her distance to the nicety of a hair-breadth.
Such a scanty portion of light was admitted through these means, that it was difficult, on first coming in, to see anything; and long habit alone could have slowly formed in any one, the ability to do any work requiring nicety in such obscurity.
My heart failed me when I saw him squaring at me with every demonstration of mechanical nicety, and eyeing my anatomy as if he were minutely choosing his bone.
A charming old Italian writer has laid down the canons of perfect feminine beauty with much nicety in a delicious discourse, which, as he delivered it in a sixteenth- century Florentine garden to an audience of beautiful and noble ladies, an audience not too large to be intimate and not too small to be embarrassing, it was his delightful good fortune and privilege to illustrate by pretty and sly references to the characteristic beauties of the several ladies seated like a ring of roses around him.