nickel bronze

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Noun1.nickel bronze - a bronze containing up to 30% nickelnickel bronze - a bronze containing up to 30% nickel
bronze - an alloy of copper and tin and sometimes other elements; also any copper-base alloy containing other elements in place of tin
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These include materials such as: cupronickel, aluminium bronze, aluminium nickel bronze and a range of electro-plated blanks, as well as more exotic alloys aimed at achieving very specific objectives such as: colour, electromagnetic properties and wear characteristics.
Tenders are invited for Cast iron floor drains for non-membrane floor, bottom outlet with push-on connection, 7" round adjustable nickel bronze strainer, floor drain to come with Torx pin (T-20) security screws, with 1/2" trap seal primer connection, as MIFAB f1100 series or equivalent; cast iron floor sinks with white acid resistant porcelain, enamel interior finish, bottom outlet with push-on connection, nickel bronze frame & grate, half grate option, security screws (t-20 torx with pin), size: 12 x 2 x 8 as MIFAB fs1730 series or equivalent; cast iron floor cleanout with adjustable cover & secondary, closure plug, 5 round nickel bronze top assembly, security screws & brass closure plug, bottom outlet with push-on connection, as MIFAB C1200 series or equivalent.
The sculptures that Boban creates are cast into mold using the lost wax process (a method for changing a sculpture made of soft clay into a harder material such as bronze), and are then dipped into nickel bronze to produce the lustrous limited original editions (no more than 45) that his collectors have come to expect.