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Variant of knickknack.



an ornamental trinket.
[1610–20; gradational compound based on knack in obsolete sense “toy”]
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Noun1.nicknack - miscellaneous curios
curio, curiosity, oddment, peculiarity, rarity, oddity - something unusual -- perhaps worthy of collecting
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To say the truth, Jones himself was not a little surprized at what he saw; for, besides the extraordinary neatness of the room, it was adorned with a great number of nicknacks and curiosities, which might have engaged the attention of a virtuoso.
Mistress Selwyn had your taste and she did wonders; but folks in those days didn't have the pretty little curtains and pictures and nicknacks you have.
Higgins was brought up on Morris and Burne Jones; and her room, which is very unlike her son's room in Wimpole Street, is not crowded with furniture and little tables and nicknacks.
So what if you hadn't already identified a distinct need for a small wooden horse-type rustic nicknack to sit on the windowsill.
The perfect nicknack for anyone who remembers the marmaladeloving, duffel coat-wearing bear in his prime.
If you want a more touristic type of shopping: fridge magnets, colorful sarongs, artistic nicknacks, handmade toys, t-shirts, paintings -.
Modern designs can include secret drawers for jewellery and other nicknacks and can be fitted with mirrors on top.
And after C4's Posh Pawn, this is another series tapping into our supposed fascination with the unwanted nicknacks of the super rich.
It's an office-type playroom where I like to display my nicknacks and can often be found alphabetising records for fun.
The house is full of chintz and nicknacks and Terry obediently removes the offending articles as instructed only to put them all back once the Hotel Inspector leaves.
This motor fest is exactly as it sounds, a jumble sale of motoring nicknacks and peculiarities.