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(nĭk′tĭ-tāt′) also nic·tate (nĭk′tāt′)
intr.v. nic·ti·tat·ed, nic·ti·tat·ing, nic·ti·tates also nic·tat·ed or nic·tat·ing or nic·tates
To wink.

[Medieval Latin nictitāre, nictitāt-, frequentative of Latin nictāre.]

nic′ti·ta′tion n.


(ˈnɪktɪˌteɪt) or


technical words for blink1
[C19: from Medieval Latin nictitāre to wink repeatedly, from Latin nictāre to wink, from nicere to beckon]
ˌnictiˈtation, nicˈtation n


(ˈnɪk tɪˌteɪt)

v.i. -tat•ed, -tat•ing.
to wink.
[1815–25; < Medieval Latin nictitātus, past participle of nictitāre, frequentative of Latin nictāre to wink, frequentative of nicere to beckon; see -ate1]
nic′ti•tant, adj.


Past participle: nictitated
Gerund: nictitating

I nictitate
you nictitate
he/she/it nictitates
we nictitate
you nictitate
they nictitate
I nictitated
you nictitated
he/she/it nictitated
we nictitated
you nictitated
they nictitated
Present Continuous
I am nictitating
you are nictitating
he/she/it is nictitating
we are nictitating
you are nictitating
they are nictitating
Present Perfect
I have nictitated
you have nictitated
he/she/it has nictitated
we have nictitated
you have nictitated
they have nictitated
Past Continuous
I was nictitating
you were nictitating
he/she/it was nictitating
we were nictitating
you were nictitating
they were nictitating
Past Perfect
I had nictitated
you had nictitated
he/she/it had nictitated
we had nictitated
you had nictitated
they had nictitated
I will nictitate
you will nictitate
he/she/it will nictitate
we will nictitate
you will nictitate
they will nictitate
Future Perfect
I will have nictitated
you will have nictitated
he/she/it will have nictitated
we will have nictitated
you will have nictitated
they will have nictitated
Future Continuous
I will be nictitating
you will be nictitating
he/she/it will be nictitating
we will be nictitating
you will be nictitating
they will be nictitating
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been nictitating
you have been nictitating
he/she/it has been nictitating
we have been nictitating
you have been nictitating
they have been nictitating
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been nictitating
you will have been nictitating
he/she/it will have been nictitating
we will have been nictitating
you will have been nictitating
they will have been nictitating
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been nictitating
you had been nictitating
he/she/it had been nictitating
we had been nictitating
you had been nictitating
they had been nictitating
I would nictitate
you would nictitate
he/she/it would nictitate
we would nictitate
you would nictitate
they would nictitate
Past Conditional
I would have nictitated
you would have nictitated
he/she/it would have nictitated
we would have nictitated
you would have nictitated
they would have nictitated
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Verb1.nictitate - briefly shut the eyesnictitate - briefly shut the eyes; "The TV announcer never seems to blink"
palpebrate - wink or blink, especially repeatedly
bat, flutter - wink briefly; "bat one's eyelids"
act involuntarily, act reflexively - act in an uncontrolled manner


To open and close the eyes rapidly:
References in classic literature ?
In South America, a burrowing rodent, the tuco-tuco, or Ctenomys, is even more subterranean in its habits than the mole; and I was assured by a Spaniard, who had often caught them, that they were frequently blind; one which I kept alive was certainly in this condition, the cause, as appeared on dissection, having been inflammation of the nictitating membrane.
Reid considers it to be the effect of inflammation in the nictitating membrane.
Corneal sensitivity was considered present if the bird blinked its eyelids or flashed the nictitating membrane when the cotton wisp was applied; it was considered absent if no such response was observed, and diminished if the response was less robust than in cohort birds.
The generality of blocking effects in respondent conditioning research has already been established in preparations as diverse as the rabbit nictitating membrane response (Gibbs et at.
The plica semilunaris is thought to be the remains of a nictitating membrane or third eyelid (from the Latin nictare, meaning blink).
Follicular (mucoid) conjunctivitis is a condition in which the small mucous glands (follicles) on the underside of the nictitating membrane react to an eye irritant or infection by forming a rough, cobblestone surface that irritates the eye and produces a mucoid discharge.
Singleunit analysis of different hippocampal cell types during classical conditioning of rabbit nictitating membrane response.
In this understanding, Adam's scaly skin also included a covering over his eyes, something akin to the nictitating membrane, which only opened after eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge: And the eyes of them both were opened (Gen.
Sharks showing an absence of movements or reaction of the nictitating membrane to light touching of the eye were deemed dead and were not tagged (i.
Lung, nasal turbinate, nasal septum, larynx, trachea, bronchus, tracheobronchial lymph node, nictitating membrane, tonsil, heart, liver, spleen, kidney, pancreas, duodenum, jejunum, colon, adrenal gland, brain, and olfactory bulb samples were obtained, were fixed in formalin, and processed to obtain sections for staining with hematoxylin and eosin.
Frogs like this red-eyed treefrog shield their peepers with a nictitating membrane--a semitransparent, third eyelid.
It involves snipping a tiny piece of lymphoid tissue from the animal's nictitating membrane, or third eyelid, staining it with antibodies, and examining it under a microscope.