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adv. nigh·er, nigh·est
1. Near in time, place, or relationship: Evening draws nigh.
2. Nearly; almost: It is nigh impossible to get tickets now.
adj. nigher, nighest
1. Being near in time, place, or relationship; close: sick and nigh to death.
a. Being on the left side of an animal or vehicle: pulling hard on the nigh rein.
b. Being the animal or vehicle on the left: the nigh horse.
Not far from; near.

[Middle English neigh, from Old English nēah, nēh.]
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Adv.1.nighest - (superlative of `near' or `close') within the shortest distance; "that was the time he came nearest to death"
superlative - an exaggerated expression (usually of praise); "the critics lavished superlatives on it"