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Noun1.nightbird - a person who likes to be active late at nightnightbird - a person who likes to be active late at night
individualist - a person who pursues independent thought or action
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Bradley assenting, went with him into an early public-house, haunted by unsavoury smells of musty hay and stale straw, where returning carts, farmers' men, gaunt dogs, fowls of a beery breed, and certain human nightbirds fluttering home to roost, were solacing themselves after their several manners; and where not one of the nightbirds hovering about the sloppy bar failed to discern at a glance in the passion-wasted nightbird with respectable feathers, the worst nightbird of all.
The middle of the house is a sort of chorus-girl belt, while in the upper rooms there are reporters and other nightbirds.
Now and then it came like a giant nightbird beating its wings against the curtained windows, and rattling the loose framework.
Jennifer Gustar presents a close reading of Anita Rao Badami's novel "Can You Hear the Nightbird Call?
In 2014 he won Best Acoustic Artist and Best Acoustic Album at the same awards and wrote the well-known Eva Cassady song Nightbird.
EVA CASSIDY, Nightbird THERE is an awful lot of Eva Cassidy product out there, but this one is worth a mention.
I go to work out of Nightbird studios on the Sunset Strip in LA.
I have a middle reader coming out later this year called Nightbird.
I was just in love with one DJ, her name was Alison Steele, and she was "The Nightbird.
He started a solo career back in 1980 with the album, Nightbird.
A half-brother to the stakes-winning duo Edinburgh Knight and Nightbird, Potomac descends from a family that includes 2,000 Guineas hero Footstepsinthesand.
The south of Thailand's largest island, measuring 30 by 13 miles, is the place to stay these days unless you're a nightbird who wants to party through to the early hours.