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Noun1.nightwork - work to be done at night
work - activity directed toward making or doing something; "she checked several points needing further work"
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Breast cancer risk, nightwork, and circadian clock gene polymorphisms.
70) General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Committee on Labor, "The eight-hour day and prohibition of nightwork," February 1910.
He's got a white beard, so he must be old; he's quite fat, so he likes his food; he's got a red face, so he probably likes his drink; and he's got this awful job – nightwork, outdoors in all weathers, all along going up and down chimneys.
Also enacted were the laws providing for a national policy on responsible parenthood and reproductive health; rationalizing the nightwork prohibition on women workers; strengthening and propagating foster care for abandoned and neglected children and children with special needs; expanding the law against trafficking in persons, especially women and children; and declaring Nov.
Blinn set to work and fashioned an idea that was tentatively titled Nightwork.
Features of the agreement include: waiving a salary increase for 2010, concessions in nightwork and Sunday working allowances, a 1% increase in annual salary or two additional days of annual holiday allowance from 2011 and an increase in the allowance air traffic controllers receive for the special responsibility they bear.
Shilling also notes the increase in shift work, with one in seven employees doing some nightwork in 2003, an increase of 500,000 since 1998.
Or is it only the police who suffer from nightwork fatigue?
Dawkins, "Private and Social Costs and Benefits of Shift and Nightwork," in Night and Shiftwork Biological and Social Aspects: Advances in the Biosciences 30, eds.
Carmona's novel temporalizes as well as spatializes this nightwork by referring back to the growth spurt of the 1940s, a time when many Puerto Ricans would have been and were recruited to work in factories in the Northeast of the United States.
Florida has many of the strengths that made Nightwork such an interesting collection.