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 (nĭl-pōt′nt, nĭl′pōt′nt)
An algebraic quantity that when raised to a certain power equals zero.

[nil + Latin potēns, potent-, having power; see potent.]

nil·po′ten·cy n.


(nɪlˈpəʊtənt) maths
(Mathematics) a quantity that equals zero when raised to a particular power
(Mathematics) equal to zero when raised to a particular power
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Adj.1.nilpotent - equal to zero when raised to a certain power
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In view of [13], Lemma 1 and Theorem 14, the nilpotent elements of K([y.
Quantum Cluster Algebras Structures on Quantum Nilpotent Algebras
There are ten chapters: Preliminaries, Sylow theory, Solvable groups and nilpotent groups, Group extensions, Hall subgroups, Frobenius groups, Transfer, Characters, Finite subgroups of GLn, and Small groups.
Nilpotent groups can be defined in terms of upper central series of normal subgroups,
ii) An element a [member of] NQR is called nilpotent if there exists n [member of] [Z.
In the algebra of split octonions two types of primitive zero divisors, idempotent elements (projection operators) and nilpotent elements (Grassmann numbers), can be constructed [1,10].
Recall that a bounded linear operator N is quasinilpotent if the spectrum of N is identical to 0 and N is nilpotent if there is a positive integer k such that [N.
where J is a matrix in Jordan canonical form and N is a nilpotent matrix also in Jordan canonical form.
H is a three-dimensional, connected, simply connected and 2-step nilpotent Lie group, (RAHMANI, 1992; KORPINAR; TURHAN, 2011, 2012,TURHAN; KORPINAR, 2010, 2011).
of Sydney, Australia) provides an introduction to links; a reference to the invariants of abelian coverings of link exteriors; and an outline of recent work related to free coverings, nilpotent quotients, and concordance.
where N is the nilpotent matrix associated with [lambda] in the above Jordan decomposition of A: