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v. nit·picked, nit·pick·ing, nit·picks
To be concerned with or find fault with insignificant details. See Synonyms at quibble.
To criticize or find fault with (someone or something) in a petty way.

nit′pick′er n.
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Noun1.nitpicker - someone who makes small and unjustified criticisms
critic - someone who frequently finds fault or makes harsh and unfair judgments


A person who finds fault, often severely and willfully:
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Ad-libbing to the hilt, DJ made the mistake of joking about the 'advanced' age of Accomplished Nitpicker.
The error was spotted and raised by the city council's notorious nitpicker Timothy Huxtable.
I always look for chinks in the armour, one again though it would take a real nitpicker to deny the brilliance of this game.
But it looks so good you don't really care about the clatter unless you're an avid nitpicker, like our dear photographer.
Nitpicker COLE FRASER, Litherland I'M really looking forward to getting back to Goodison, and seeing us back in action this weekend, after the international break.
For these nit-picking details, you need a king-hell nitpicker.
The ad sounds convincing -- but perhaps being a word nitpicker, the Sun does now' might not mean much if Sun has drastically cut back due to plummeting sales," Rich Partridge, an analyst at Ideas International Ltd.
Given these guns' huge reputations and respective service records, it's not surprising to find airsoft clones of both, faithful enough in looks and function to satisfy even the most nitpicker of us.
The Verbal Nitpicker edits dialogue with a free hand, demanding word changes often without any reason other than, "I think this sounds better.
What is the shortest route for Arthur to walk in order to ask Mr Nitpicker for a hall pass?
As a copy editor, I appreciate the occasional funny head, but that's not what I strive for--especially not the obvious pun," says Renee, a "self-professed grammar and usage nitpicker.
The nitpicker might suggest that eternal themes are a shaky basis on which to establish the influence of a particular legend on a text.