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v. nit·picked, nit·pick·ing, nit·picks
To be concerned with or find fault with insignificant details. See Synonyms at quibble.
To criticize or find fault with (someone or something) in a petty way.

nit′pick′er n.


nit-picking [ˈnɪtpɪkɪŋ]
n (= quibbling) → pinaillage m
[attitude] → pinailleur/euse
to be nitpicking [person] → être pinailleur/euse
[detail] → sans importance
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But I have to say I agree with Mrs Martin's letter stating certain contributors were nitpicking, which prompted JA's response.
what we saw to be petty little nitpicking complaints that over a period of 14 months, it sort of ground everybody down, myself included.
But the format hasn't changed much, with the main appeal for viewers also remaining the same - seeing how nitpicking, bitchy and spiteful B&B owners can become after they, themselves, have received criticism.
This renders us all vulnerable to prosecution for airing views all nitpicking lunatics, meddlers and publicityseekers take amiss.
Scott's April article, Sola Fide, carries on an overly intellectualized nitpicking about outdated theological differences.
When everyone is finished nitpicking about caliber, bullet weight, velocity and bullet drop, my contribution is always succinct: "What can you hit with what you've got?
Most importantly, nitpicking can significantly deplete a manager's own human resources.
At a panel discussion organised by the CAG on Tuesday, Dikshit said the auditor should have a holistic view as nitpicking only discourages policymakers, especially bureaucrats, in taking decisions.
Until the Oregon wine industry (finest in the world, in my opinion) confronts the OLCC and rids itself of this millstone, it will continue to react to this kind of petty nitpicking.
Surely the public deserve better than this nitpicking.
While a visit from Mike's nitpicking southern belle of a mother leaves Susan of the opinion that honesty is hugely overrated anyway.
It is such a shame and it's so petty, it's nitpicking in the extreme.