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tr.v. ni·tri·fied, ni·tri·fy·ing, ni·tri·fies
1. To oxidize (an ammonia compound) into a nitrite or (a nitrite) into a nitrate, especially by the action of nitrifying bacteria.
2. To treat or combine with nitrogen or compounds containing nitrogen.

ni′tri·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.
ni′tri·fi′er n.


(Biology) a microbe or bacterium that can convert ammonium into nitrate
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opt] of the ML soil, which never received lime, may have been caused by spatial variation in nitrifier populations or soil pH in the field, which is a perennial problem under grazed pastures (White et al.
rn] is the relative nitrifier functionality (0-1); x is the number of days after the application of the nitrification inhibitor; and [beta] is the model parameter to indicate the magnitude of the nitrification inhibition (days).
Nitrifier populations and activities are usually limited by ammonification rates (Haynes 1986).
the nitrifier and denitrifier populations, to a given site and prevalent ecological conditions (i.
In addition, it is not clear whether the treatment of grazed pasture soils with DCD to decrease the activity of nitrifier bacteria would affect the general microbial population of grazed pasture soils.
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2] concentrations include coupled nitrification-denitrification and nitrifier-denitrification (as discussed below) and it is perhaps possible that these mechanisms are influenced by the same salt and/or ammonia effects on soil nitrifiers that appeared to occur in the 1000 kg N/ha urine treatment, as noted above.
Further studies on the nitrifier bacterial composition are required.
Ammonia oxidation pathways and nitrifier denitrification are significant sources of N2O and NO under low oxygen availability.
Another significant phylum in the CF soil was Cyanobacteria, which is a nitrifier and contains nitric oxide reductase within its genome (Busch et al.
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