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no one

no person; nobody
Usage: No-one and nobody are interchangeable, as are everyone and everybody, and someone and somebody.


(nəu) adjective
1. not any. We have no food; No other person could have done it.
2. not allowed. No smoking.
3. not a. He is no friend of mine; This will be no easy task.
not (any). He is no better at golf than swimming; He went as far as the shop and no further.
a word used for denying, disagreeing, refusing etc. `Do you like travelling?' `No, (I don't).'; No, I don't agree; `Will you help me?' `No, I won't.'
noun plural
noes .
1. a refusal. She answered with a definite no.
2. a vote against something. The noes have won.
ˈnobody pronoun
no person; no-one. Nobody likes him.
a very unimportant person. She's just a nobody.
ˈno-one pronoun
no person; nobody. She will see no-one; No-one is to blame.
there's no saying/knowing etc
it is impossible to say, know etc. There's no denying it; There's no knowing what she will say.
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Let no-one think that the grief and anger felt there is one whit less than we feel in Europe now.
9% of households where no-one had a job in Caerphilly in 2013.
We fielded a few players who haven't played a lot this season and to be fair no-one let the team down.
Acting Neighbourhood Inspector Craig Briggs, who covers the area, said: "Luckily, the property was empty at the time and no-one was injured, otherwise the consequences could have been much worse.
The government must come up with a solution that ensures no-one is bumped off prematurely, but equally to guarantee that no-one suffers unnecessarily.
It was extremely lucky that no-one was injured," said a West Midlands Ambulance Service spokeswoman.
Supt Mark Harrison, of Merseyside Police, said: "This was a terrible and cowardly attack on a family home and it is fortunate no-one was seriously injured or killed.
I liked the story behind Margaret Taylor's favourite, Billy Eckstine singing No-one But You.
A SERIES of beaten favourites meant only nine punters got as far as the fourth leg of yesterday's Scoop6, but Miko De Beauchene's victory in the Red Square Vodka Gold Cup ensured no-one went home with the win fund, leaving a rollover of pounds 181,585 for next week.
No-one had ever seen anything like this and no-one knew where the bottom of the market was.
In a pathetic attempt to save face a spokesman for the trust said: "No-one has won and no-one has lost.