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n. pl. no·ce·bos or no·ce·boes
A substance that causes undesirable side effects as a result of a patient's perception that it is harmful rather than as a result of a causative ingredient.

[Latin nocēbō, I will harm, first person sing. future tense of nocēre, to harm (on the model of placebo); see nek- in Indo-European roots.]
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The effects of placebos and nocebos on physical performance.
Emerge sempre di piu la necessita di gestione da parte del fisioterapista dei fattori contestuali (quali comunicazione, rapporto terapista-paziente, setting terapeutico) come elemento di supporto di qualsiasi trattamento manuale e non, per aumentare l'effetto placebo ed evitare il dannoso effetto nocebo (41).
Some may choose to narrow their focus and include such example issues as medication adherence (American College of Preventive Medicine, 2011), the explicit use of placebos or unintentional use of nocebos (Brody, 2000; Schenk, 2008), or the integration of preventive messages (such as tobacco cessation) on their own Q-Lists (Pine, Sullivan, Conn, & David, 1999).
Subsequent chapters address placebo design, active placebos, and other design features for identifying, minimizing, and characterizing placebo response; psychological processes that can bias responses; the case for changing the term "placebo effect"; effects in complementary and alternative medicine; meta-analyses and experimental studies; the role of desire, expectation, and reduced negative emotions in placebo anti-hyperalgesia in irritable bowel syndrome; placebo, pain, and surgery; placebo interventions for pain; how communication between clinicians and patients may impact pain perception; nocebos in daily clinical practice; recommendations for pain management; and ethical issues.
Sleep paralysis: nightmares, nocebos, and the mind-body connection.
Section Four, "Essays and Commentaries," examines aromatherapy and essential oils and homeopathy, the placebo effect, and herbs as a token and nocebos.
Igualmente, mucha gente lo sabe porque ha experimentado sus efectos, pero solamente hasta hace unas decadas se ha puesto atencion al efecto nocebo.
Many people, including health professionals, are less familiar with the nocebo response.
These are not the same as nocebo effects, which are the responses to a substance believed by the subject to be able to cause harm.
The nocebo effect is one that turns on the expectations of no benefit or even negative changes.