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Causing injury; harmful.

[Middle English nocent, guilty, from Latin nocēns, nocent-, present participle of nocēre, to harm; see nek- in Indo-European roots.]


a criminal or guilty person
harmful or injurious, tending to harmguilty
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Adj.1.nocent - having a tendency to cause harm
harmful - causing or capable of causing harm; "too much sun is harmful to the skin"; "harmful effects of smoking"
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So saying, through each Thicket Danck or Drie, Like a black mist low creeping, he held on His midnight search, where soonest he might finde The Serpent: him fast sleeping soon he found In Labyrinth of many a round self-rowl'd, His head the midst, well stor'd with suttle wiles: Not yet in horrid Shade or dismal Den, Not nocent yet, but on the grassie Herbe Fearless unfeard he slept: in at his Mouth The Devil enterd, and his brutal sense, In heart or head, possessing soon inspir'd With act intelligential; but his sleep Disturbd not, waiting close th' approach of Morn.
Rather, the Germans interpreted their heinous deeds along the lines of good people confronting nocent pests.
But as more of the documented history of that time has been revealed, it becomes increasingly clear that the alternative would have been to risk a protracted conflict costing many more in nocent lives.
Traditio et progressio: Studi liturgici in onore del Prof Adrien Nocent OSB, Studia Anselmiana: Analecta liturgica 12 (Rome: Pontificio Ateneo S.
INNOCENT INNOC NT INNOCEN NOCENT Kevin and Kim McGuirk who were shot dead by Kim's father