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For occasion (as it is in the common verse) turneth a bald noddle, after she hath presented her locks in front, and no hold taken; or at least turneth the handle of the bottle, first to be received, and after the belly, which is hard to clasp.
Well, I have no objection to your contemplating Hetty in an artistic light, but I must not have you feeding her vanity and filling her little noddle with the notion that she's a great beauty, attractive to fine gentlemen, or you will spoil her for a poor man's wife--honest Craig's, for example, whom I have seen bestowing soft glances on her.
To a friend he writes, "As for the house and the poem, there are twelve masons hammering at the one, and one poor noddle at the other--so they are both in progress.
Then his noddle goes pinwheeling and he's a blighted fool, and he'd snore in a gale and suffer for sleep in a dead calm.
         Who began to lift his noddle.
There's something in that,' replied Miss Wren; 'you have a sort of an idea in your noddle sometimes.
Good Quince was an honest fellow, but his wits were somewhat of the heavy sort, like unbaked dough, so that the only thing that was in his mind was, "Three shillings sixpence ha'penny for thy shoon, good Quince--three shillings sixpence ha'penny for thy shoon," and this traveled round and round inside of his head, without another thought getting into his noddle, as a pea rolls round and round inside an empty quart pot.
If I understand any noddle in the world, I understand yours.
The company's first product, the noddle, detects the small voluntary gestures that patients are able to produce and gives the patients control of the nurse call and speech generation devices.
While some do have financial products, they are not in their own name as parents take out phone contracts, car finance and loans on behalf of their grown-up children, a study from credit report firm Noddle has revealed.
More than seven in 10 (72%) people want to see an increase to the amount they can earn before tax, while 43% want a cut or freeze to fuel duty and 42% want no further changes to pensions, according to a survey from credit checking company Noddle.
Allan Noddle got his start in the retail industry back in 1965 with Hinky Dinky Supermarkets, a small chain that was based in Omaha, Neb.