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n. pl. no·di (-dī)
A difficult situation or problem; a complication.

[Latin nōdus, knot; see ned- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -di (-daɪ)
1. a problematic idea, situation, etc
2. another word for node
[C14: from Latin: knot]


(ˈnoʊ dəs)

n., pl. -di (-dī).
a difficult or intricate point or situation.
[1720–30; < Latin nōdus knot]
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Farebrother's prophecy of a fourth candidate "in the bag" had not yet been fulfilled, neither the Parliamentary Candidate Society nor any other power on the watch to secure a reforming majority seeing a worthy nodus for interference while there was a second reforming candidate like Mr.
His rugs for Spanish company Nani Marquina and the Italian brand Nodus are visual overloads of colors and child-like designs.
By turning convention on its head, Nodus challenges the very notion of what carpet design is.
Forbes has posted renders of the upcoming iPhone based on CAD renders sourced in collaboration with case designer Nodus.
Moreover, certain relationship between increased expression of the studied metalloproteinases and higher stage in TNM - Tumor Nodus Metastases staging system [44] was demonstrated.
Nodus fades, an' sea found sand and safe sound, safe and sound.
Uberes enim crines leniter remissos et cervice dependulos ac dein per colla dispositos sensimque sinuato patagio residentes paulisper ad finem conglobatos in summum verticem nodus adstrinxerat.
Various patented designs of connection mechanisms have been proposed for the space truss systems such as Triodetic, Nodus, Mero, Okta, "V", processing of tube ends by milling and mutual welding, or simply connection and welding by a sheet insertion into the undercut tube ends [2, 3].
Professor of Music and director of the School of Music at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, Garcia founded the electroacoustic laboratory at FIU as well as the FIU New Music Miami Festival, the NODUS Ensemble, and Music of the Americas Festival.
Today, only the small dark feature known as Alcyonius Nodus remains.
137]Cs acutifolius Phragmites communis Tratamiento de contaminantes organicos en aguas residuales Potamogeton nodus Elimina TNT Populus deltoides Agua freatica contaminada con TCE (tri-cloro etileno) Populus Degradacion de TCE charkowiiensis x P.
Nodus collaborates with some of the best international designers.

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