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Of or relating to nomenclature.


(ˌnəʊmɛnkləˈtɔːrɪəl) or


relating to nomenclature
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Distributional and nomenclatorial problems in some forms of Vespula in North America (Hymenoptera: Vespidae).
An eloquent and melancholy explanation of O'Brien's nomenclatorial fluidity can be found in Kiberd 1995: 497-502.
A check-list of the fishes of the Great Lakes and tributary waters, with nomenclatorial notes and analytical keys.
In connection with the significant time-gap between individual faunal lists and the inevitable nomenclatorial changes, such species lists do not support biogeographic research (Soberon & Peterson 2004), nor do they offer easy access to species-richness estimates.
There are three principles in my restoration of the Shu Poems, namely biographical information, geographical reference, and nomenclatorial structure of poem titles.
The type locality and nomenclatorial status of Peromyscus maniculatus nebrascensis (Coues).
In these debates, etymological precision was welcomed, spinning many a nomenclatorial conundrum.