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He would get active in the union again, and perhaps try to get an office, as he, Harper, had; he would tell all his friends the good points of Doyle, the Republican nominee, and the bad ones of the "sheeny"; and then Scully would furnish a meeting place, and he would start the "Young Men's Republican Association," or something of that sort, and have the rich brewer's best beer by the hogshead, and fireworks and speeches, just like the War Whoop League.
It wants to have a House of Commons which is not weighted with nominees of the landed class, but with representatives of the other interests.
Senator Leahy also refused to act on the nomination of Peter Keisler, President Bushs nominee to the D.
not below the rank of BPS-19, Two Members of Provincial Assembly of Sindh (to be nominated by the Speaker), Secretary (I and C), SGA and C Department, Government of Sindh or his nominee not below the rank of BPS-19, Secretary Finance Department or his nominee not below the rank of BPS-19, Secretary Education and Literacy or his nominee not below the rank of BPS-19.
KABUL (PAN): President Hamid Karzai on Saturday submitted a list of seven nominee ministers to fill his cabinet posts seven months after taking office last November.
The Byrnes nomination, by contrast, was given expedited treatment by the Senate since the nominee was a Member of that body.
I found evidence, however, that extensive presidential support of a nominee decreased the likelihood of confirmation.
The Pilobolus Dance Theatre's acrobats morphing into icons of each best picture nominee was a nice touch.
25 that four bishops have been nominated for the position of presiding bishop, including the first female nominee.
This committee holds hearings, during which members question the nominee about his or her judicial philosophy.
The Rubber Division, ACS, announced its nominee slate for 2005.
MILLION DOLLAR BABY Besides the lesbians who helped get Hilary Swank into fighting fettle [see page 50], this seven-time nominee features the Boys Don't Cry star butching it up in the boxing ring.