non grata

non gra·ta

 (nŏn grä′tə, grăt′ə, nōn)
Not welcome; not approved: The aide, having been declared non grata, was expelled from the country.

non gra•ta

(nɒn ˈgrɑ tə, ˈgreɪ-)

not welcome: The envoy was declared non grata.
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He was persona non grata, as far as I was concerned.
Shaikh Khalid said Bahrain did not have a choice but to withdraw its ambassador to Iran and declare the charge d'affaires of the Iranian Embassy persona non grata.
Manama, Dhu-AlHijjah 17, 1436, October 01, 2015, SPA -- Bahrain today announced the withdrawal of its ambassador from Iran and considers Iranian Charge d'Affaires in Manama persona non grata and gave him 72 hours to leave the country.
Mohammad Reza Babai, Acting Charge d'Affaires at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Kingdom, persona non grata and ask him to leave the country within 72 hours," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.
While local media here reported that Indian authorities turned down visa request of a Pakistani diplomat, Mohammad Idrees terming him persona non grata.
ISLAMABAD -- In a fresh diplomatic row between Pakistan and Bangladesh, a Pakistani High Commission official based in Dhaka was declared persona non grata by the Bangladeshi government and was asked to leave the country.
WILL somebody inform Tony Blair and the media that the overwhelming majority of the British public consider him a persona non grata and take umbrage at his recent attempted interference in relation to Europe and his comments about UKIP.
Tom Flanagan, former advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who long ago became Persona Non Grata in Indian Country for his "expert" opinions on First Nations issues, explains in the book what happened one night about a year-and-a-half ago during a public speaking engagement in Lethbridge where he was "trapped" into a discussion about a comment he had made about child pornography.
It quoted a foreign ministry statement as saying that the Jordanian charge d'affaires is considered by Damascus persona non grata.
Earlier on Monday, Jordan declared that it considers Syria's ambassador in Amman a persona non grata.
Summary: Jordanian government declares Bahjat Suleiman persona non grata and demands he leave country within 24 hours.
Amman, May 26 (Petra) -- The Jordanian Government has declared the Syrian Ambassador, Bahjat Suleiman, as persona non grata and demanded that he leave the Kingdom within 24 hours, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Sabah Al Rafei said on Monday.

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