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Adj.1.non-automatic - operated by hand
manual - requiring human effort; "a manual transmission"
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Our checkpoints are equipped with non-automatic XRAY, the holder shall ensure the establishment and ability to perform small adaptation works on related equipment for routing the effects of passengers or staff, until XRAY or to its output.
In the proposal, the IRS warns that it would grant a non-automatic extension only in limited cases involving extraordinary circumstances or catastrophe.
For forms due in 2017, filers may request only a single 30-day non-automatic extension.
Safety: Tang-mounted, non-automatic, with barrel selector
As such, both the Energy Policy Act and the Natural Gas Act provide discretionary, non-automatic licensing authority to federal government agencies to determine the scope of US-originating, cross-border energy flows.
20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- On January 16, 2015, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued two new revenue procedures that outline the rules by which taxpayers may obtain non-automatic consent and automatic consent to change certain methods of accounting for federal income tax purposes.
Meanwhile, Michael Rimmer was a relieved man after edging into tonight's 800m final as the fastest non-automatic qualifier.
Were used the following methods: the automatic objective evaluation using the METEOR [3] metric, the non-automatic evaluation using weighted Levenshtein edit-distance [4] on a human corrected output of the translation system, the non-automatic subjective evaluation following [5] guidelines.
Model 83 non-automatic, selective numbering machine rotates wheels to different sequences without use of spanner wrench.
If you're using a non-automatic sprinkler, make sure that the head sprays large droplets and that the hose has a minimum diameter of 0.
The law included a provision nullifying the cap if a court ruled against allowing race as a factor in non-automatic admissions decisions, but not before the Legislature has a chance to reconvene and debate the situation.
The many non-automatic arms were converted into automatic because of the availability of value-added items used for, he said.

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