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Adj.1.non-conducting - not able to conduct heat or electricity or sound
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Their methods are as reasonable as to try to pour some precious stuff from the spring to the reservoir through a non-conducting pipe, which could by the least effort be opened.
The wires and cables are encapsulated with non-conducting plastic materials, usually PVC or polyethylene, to impart protection to users and the surrounding environment.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Support Shaft For Interstage Feeder,Special Non-Conducting Screw,Stripper Plate For 1St,2Nd.
When fuel is scarce, a good plan is to cook the meat partly in a kettle, and, when the contents are boiling, place the kettle in a box, surround it with hay or other non-conducting material, and close the lid tightly; the contents will go on gently stewing, and should be fully cooked in three to four hours time.
The LCLS experiment also showed researchers how the electronic structure of the sample rearranged into non-conducting "islands" surrounded by electrically conducting regions, which began to form just hundreds of quadrillionths of a second after a laser pulse struck the sample.
The method also eliminates the non-conducting metallic CNTs.
The dealer will check the operation of the switch and if operating properly it will be given a special, non-conducting lubrication.
He discovered that the material wasn't unstable at all, but flipped between various conducting and non-conducting states very predictably.
Recent studies of a similar nature with temperature dependent viscosity and thermal conductivity have been carried out by, among others, Sharma and Singh [22] for flow along a vertical non-conducting plate with internal heat generation and by Rahman et.
An inter-electrode gap (IEG) is provided between the workpiece and cathode gear to prevent short-circuiting by sandwiching a conducting gear between two non-conducting gears and undercutting the profile of the conducting gear as compared with that of the non-conducting gears.
It contains an array of 32 sensors, each of which is made of a composite material consisting of conductive carbon black homogeneously blended throughout a non-conducting polymer.