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Adj.1.non-conducting - not able to conduct heat or electricity or sound
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Their methods are as reasonable as to try to pour some precious stuff from the spring to the reservoir through a non-conducting pipe, which could by the least effort be opened.
Fires involving energized electrical equipment where a non-conducting gaseous clean agent or smothering agent is needed.
The samples to be characterized by the AFM include metal and alloy nanoparticles on non-conducting oxide substrates with only a few nanometers in diameter, nano assemblies, block copolymers, porous systems, composites and other nanoscale sample surfaces of all material classes.
Intrinsically conducting polymer PANI is used as matrix and the non-conducting polymer PEO is used as filler.
That leaves the silicon atom a kind of large landowner, buffered against stray electrical currents by the neighboring non-conducting vacancies.
Non-ferrous (NR probes are suitable for non-conducting coatings on non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium, aluminium alloys, non-magnetic stainless steels, copper, zinc, etc.
The petitioners have taken plea that non-conducting of secret balloting for posts of chairman and vice chairman in Local Bodies (LB) polls runs contrary to constitution.
The wires and cables are encapsulated with non-conducting plastic materials, usually PVC or polyethylene, to impart protection to users and the surrounding environment.
Their topics include functional polyolefins from the coordination copolymerization of vinyl monomers, general aspects of copolymerization, monomers and polymers derived from renewable or partially renewable resources, carbon dioxide/epoxide alternative copolymers with lithium salts as a new class of non-conducting polymer electrolytes, block copolymer nanopatterns as enabling platforms for device applications, and polymer conjugates of proteins and drugs to improve therapeutics.
Examples of substances that can carry electric charge in a non-conducting liquid are various oxidized oil components (as a result of processing), contaminating agents (acquired during processing and handling), metal salts, and other ionized additives.
When fuel is scarce, a good plan is to cook the meat partly in a kettle, and, when the contents are boiling, place the kettle in a box, surround it with hay or other non-conducting material, and close the lid tightly; the contents will go on gently stewing, and should be fully cooked in three to four hours time.
For instance, two non-conducting, non-magnetic insulators can become conducting and in some cases ferromagnetic and superconducting at their interface.