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Adj.1.non-living - not endowed with life; "the inorganic world is inanimate"; "inanimate objects"
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If a country had sovereign rights over an area, it has the exclusive right to explore and exploit the natural and non-living resources found in it.
Dimov refers to the reasoning of a court decision of 27 August 2016 of a three-member panel of the Supreme Administrative Court, confirmed by a decision of April 5, 2017 of a five-member panel of the Supreme Administrative Court, that the properties do not meet the requirements for a protected area, they do not represent a continuation of natural ecosystems , do not have typical landscapes and objects of non-living nature.
The international programmes with China and some other countries on living and non-living resources were also discussed in the meeting.
This popular science book for general readers and students chronicles the history of the scientific belief in spontaneous generation, the idea that living things can spring from non-living matter, which was believed by scientists up to the late 19th century.
On the occasion minister has appreciated all international programmes with Germany, China and France on living and non-living resources including all scientists' efforts of the NIO in the field of Ocean Science and the minister hoped that, the NIO will continue to flourish and expand its research activities.
html) Space , and would likely come as a result of both living and non-living organisms and events.
However, these advances have not been taken to a level to study comprehensively if endosymbiosis can be applied to non-living systems or to integrate living with non-living matter.
The project was also tied with the science unit on 'Living and Non-living Things', to teach students about the needs of animals for survival.
Valte said, during the hearing, Professor Philippe Sands said China has interfered with the Philippines' exercise of sovereign rights under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), "with respect to living and non-living resources in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).
The Naval Chief said that Pakistan, with a long coastline and a large Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) with Continental Shelf extending up to 350 Nautical Miles from our coastline, is blessed with abundant natural living and non-living resources.
However, non-living organic matter is a physical system that is in a natural state of thermodynamic equilibrium.
There is also a speculative chapter that discusses abiogenesis (the origin of life from non-living materials), life elsewhere in the universe, and the possibility and safety of creating new life in the lab.