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Adj.1.nonarboreal - not inhabiting or frequenting trees
arboreous, tree-living, arboreal - inhabiting or frequenting trees; "arboreal apes"
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Monthly variations in the number of arboreal and nonarboreal airborne pollen are presented in Figure 2.
The main contrast lies in the relationship of arboreal pollen to nonarboreal pollen, reflecting development from closed growing conditions to open landscape.
Ecological significance of common nonarboreal pollen: Examples from drylands of the Middle East.
Nonarboreal pollen types (NAP), mostly composites, grasses, and fern spores, were most frequent; however, spruce (Picea), other conifers, and occasional oak (Quercus) pollen grains were encountered.
The human impact diagram was constructed on the basis of the selection of identified nonarboreal pollen (NAP), yielding information about the changing landscape utilization practices.