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Adj.1.noncarbonated - not having carbonationnoncarbonated - not having carbonation    
noneffervescent - not effervescent
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The Sweet Success product line includes: GlucaSafe, a functional health beverage with green and white tea, pomegranate extract and Cinnulin PF[R] which may support healthy glucose metabolism in many individuals; Vita-Tein, a protein based beverage available in chocolate super shake and a vanilla super shake; Power Blend, a noncarbonated juice energy drink; Chocolate Immunity Infusion Jr.
Consistent with the FEF report, A&P provides some exposure to such limited-impact segments as noncarbonated drinks and batteries.
Sales of bottled noncarbonated water in drug stores soared 27.
business, we advanced our noncarbonated beverage portfolio to over 18 percent of the U.
Film thus falls into an intermediate group of products that includes noncarbonated drinks and batteries.
Categories like noncarbonated drinks, salty snacks, cookies/crackers, and batteries should get some exposure but not be a key focus, it says, while categories with low penetration, frequency, and impulse that are usually available elsewhere in the store should get limited front end exposure.
last month created a business unit dedicated solely to noncarbonated beverages.
TalkingRain for Kids is a noncarbonated beverage comprised of flavored juice sweetened with Xylitol(R) as well as Splenda(R) and comes in four flavors: watermelon, strawberry, fruit punch, and grape.
Ten years ago such noncarbonated beverages as bottled water were virtually absent from the front-end product mix.
During the first nine months of 2005, 38% of the company's revenues were generated from the sale of purified water, and proprietary carbonated and noncarbonated soft drinks.
Other categories singled out as fast expanders include noncarbonated beverages, cookies, batteries, film/cameras and razors/ blades.
Daft notes that Heyer -- in addition to his worldwide leadership of the company's noncarbonated businesses, including juices, coffees and teas, and his focus on strategic planning, marketing, communications strategy, business development and innovation centers -- "will assume oversight of technical, procurement, concentrate manufacturing, and information technology and systems.