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Adj.1.noncyclical - not cyclic
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New Mountain identified DRB through its long-standing efforts in technology-enabled business services and vertically focused software, as well as a proactive interest in noncyclical areas of the automotive aftermarket space.
3% cases of noncyclical mastalgia were commonly seen in 4th decade.
Moreover, the downward slopes of the two parts are almost the same, and our breakdown of the noncyclical behavior of output gives equal roles to the high- and low-frequency parts.
Defensive sectors include banks, which have been subjected to significant regulatory oversight since the financial crisis and thus are taking on less risk; utilities, which are also highly regulated; and consumer noncyclical "which historically is considered a defensive sector, because it's not as dramatically impacted by the economy," Mayo said.
Soccer, a stop-and-go sport (5) is described as a noncyclical, random game, which is often interrupted by breaks (3, 6).
These figures show that the Great Falls' area economy was relatively unaffected by the Great Recession, mostly due to its dependence on the noncyclical military at Malmstrom Air Force Base.
Another method, the one used by the IMF, relies on simply observing the change in Government budget balance, which can be further separated into a cyclical and a noncyclical component, the latter being the "fiscal package"--our discretionary fiscal policy variable.
Li's analysis suggests that the observed rise in student loan balances and defaults, while certainly affected by business cycle dynamics, represents a longer term trend largely driven by noncyclical factors.
Although the outlook for the next few years is better than it has been for some time, weak aggregate demand and noncyclical structural factors continue to hold it back.
A diagnostic mammogram is used to confirm or refute the presence of a mass, parenchymal distortion, asymmetry, or microcalcification seen on a screening mammogram; to further characterize an abnormality seen on screening mammogram; to diagnose a patient with breast symptoms, such as a palpable mass, abnormal nipple discharge, or noncyclical localized pain; and to localize a nonpalpable mass.
We also note that the sale of the noncyclical railway bulk business increases FESCO's vulnerability to economic swings.
Such sectors may potentially be more represented by cyclical sectors, such as manufacturing, rather than the noncyclical areas such as consumer household products.