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1. A combination of nine instruments or voices.
2. A composition written for such a combination.

[Italian nonetto, from diminutive of nono, ninth, from Latin nōnus; see nones.]


1. (Classical Music) a piece of music composed for a group of nine instruments
2. (Classical Music) an instrumental group of nine players
[C19: from Italian nonetto, from nono ninth, from Latin nōnus]



1. a group of nine voices or instruments.
2. a composition for a nonet.
[1860–65; < Italian nonetto]
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29) The consequent reversal from adjudicatory to mediatory justice in China is comparable to the development of "responsive law" as per the arguments of Philippe Nonet and Philip Selznick in Law and Society in Transition, where the authors argued:
In purely legal terms, Nonet (1990) sets the table for a discussion of tax laws in Nietzschean terms by rightly suggesting that Nietschean philosophy generally demands positive law as opposed to natural law.
Other headline artists include Ben Crosland's Threeway with guest, rising star vibraphonist Lewis Wright; virtuoso trio Troyka, which includes Mercury Prize-nominated organist Kit Downes; Partisans, playing richly lyrical and strongly melodic music from their new album 'Swamp'; 11-piece barrio funk and Latin soul band Bugalu Foundation; and rich, progressive arrange-ments from the Joshua Cavanagh-Brierley Nonet.
8DA YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Titanic 9 Nonet 10 Endow 11 Monsoon 12 Loo 13 Progress 16 Isolated 17 Ill 19 Tartare 21 Homer 22 Canto 23 Palette DOWN: 1 Othello 2 Studious 3 Know 4 Ensnared 5 Undo 6 Stand 8 Compost heap 13 Polka dot 14 Stigmata 15 Alarmed 18 Stack 20 Runt 21 Hale QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 For dear life 8 Air 9 Eve 11 Draught 12 Meter 13 Del 14 Era 15 Vaccine 17 Ran 19 Rice 21 Iced 23 Germ 25 Solo 27 Paw 29 Tapered 31 Art 34 Ape 36 Roast 37 Careful 38 Fox 39 Ark 40 Kitchenware DOWN: 1 Fire 2 Oral 3 Degrade 4 Attack 5 Lemon 6 Fete 7 Ever 8 Adder 10 Erase 16 Err 18 Nil 20 Imp 22 Cot 24 Eyebrow 25 Scarf 26 Rescue 28Whelk 30 Attic 32 Rook 33 Taxi 34 Afar 35 Pure
The Lluis Mather Nonet are appearing at the CBSO Centre in Birmingham tonight, with the leader's accustomed quartet augmented by a wind quintet.
Olsen assembled an all-star nonet of friends and colleagues, including trumpeter Bobby Shew and saxophonists Dick Oatts and Lynn Baker, and gave them free rein to wander through his compositions and add their unique voices to the proceedings, a press release says.
See Philip Selznick with Philippe Nonet & Howard M.
The programme included Martinu's Nonet for wind quintet in three movements and Beethoven's Septet in E Flat Major.
Trish Clowes' Tangent Nonet will feature pianist Gwilym Simcock, her quartet - including Chris Montague on guitar, Calum Gourlay on bass and James Maddren on drums - plus an improvising string quartet led by Thomas Gould.
com): 8-13I taly,6-5 England; firstE nglandp layer tom issona Euro2 012 shootout(bets void if nonet akeplace): 9-2Ger rard, Milner,5 Rooney,6 Terry,7C ole,C arroll,8 Young,9 Parker,10 Welbeck,1 2 Walcott,o thers on request.
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