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nonfarm payrolls preview: January nonfarm payrolls are expected to increase by 200k (184k median) vs 148k in December, with a 195k private payroll gain.
This report provides an update on the Grant County economy incorporating not seasonally adjusted, nonfarm employment and civilian labor force data.
However, in recent years, the rural nonfarm sector is increasingly playing an important role in the rural economic growth.
Have government programs designed to help manage and mitigate farm risk allowed farmers with less tolerance for risk to survive where those with similar risk tolerance in nonfarm businesses may have exited?
employers added a smaller-than-expected 88,000 nonfarm jobs, the Labor Department said Friday.
The Puerto Rico government was responsible for creating the most jobs on the island in the past year, according to the Dept of Labor & Human Resources' seasonally adjusted nonfarm employment report for March, reports Caribbean Business (May 17, 2012).
The nonfarm business sector--the whole economy excluding the economic activities of the general government, private households, nonprofit organizations serving individuals, and farms, representing about three quarters of the economy--was hit harder than the economy as a whole, even after accounting for the fact that the average output of the nonfarm business sector decreases by more than GDP in an economic downturn.
Although operator households typically derive most of their wealth from farm assets, the share of operator household wealth associated with nonfarm assets grew from 15 percent in 1994 to 24 percent in 2009," says ERS.
Does good news for temporary workers today suggest better news for all nonfarm workers tomorrow?
The major legal forms of economic organization are: corporations, partnerships, and nonfarm sole proprietorships.
Figure 5 Actual and Projected Percent Change in Nonfarm Labor Income, Montana, 1994-2005 Actual Projected '94 3.
Overall, just four of the eight economic indicators measured in the index rose in the last month of 2005 - Oregon's initial unemployment claims, the state's nonfarm payrolls, U.