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adj. Electricity
Having low or zero inductance.


(General Physics) electrical having little or no inductance


(ˌnɒn ɪnˈdʌk tɪv)

adj. Elect.
not capable of electrical or magnetic induction: noninductive coverings used to prevent shock.
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The authors describe problem statements, classical approaches and the concept of adaptive learning, then present the regularization framework, statistical learning theory, nonlinear optimization strategies, methods for data and dimensionality reduction, methods for regression, classification, support vector machines, noninductive reference and alternative learning formations.
Lange argues that an advantage to the pursuit of an "inductive strategy"--the attempt to confirm a hypothesis believed to express, if true, a natural law--is that, unlike noninductive confirmation, such a strategy requires no background beliefs regarding which instances happen to be actual.
The notice states that the "specific areas of interest are: (1) magnetohydridynamics and stability, (2) confinement and transport, (3) edge and divertor physics, (4) plasma heating and noninductive current drive, (5) innovative/integrating concepts, and (6) atomic and molecular processes in plasmas.