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1. Not in a straight line.
2. Mathematics
a. Occurring as a result of an operation that is not linear.
b. Containing a variable with an exponent other than one. Used of an equation.
a. Of or relating to a system of equations whose effects are not proportional to their causes. Such a set of equations can be chaotic.
b. Of or relating to a device whose behavior is described by a set of nonlinear equations and whose output is not proportional to its input.
c. Of or relating to the output of such a device.

non·lin′e·ar′i·ty (-âr′ĭ-tē) n.


1. not of, in, along, or relating to a line
2. (Film) denoting digital editing in which edits are saved on computer, rather than videotape, thus enabling further edits to be made
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Adj.1.nonlinear - designating or involving an equation whose terms are not of the first degree
math, mathematics, maths - a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
additive, linear - designating or involving an equation whose terms are of the first degree
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Nonlinear waves in integrable and nonintegrable systems.
Frost & Sullivan defines video nonlinear editing as the process of capturing digitized content onto a storage device and editing it non- linearly.
Nonlinear analysis, an interdisciplinary field combining analysis, topology, and applications, is used to develop models for a variety of phenomena encountered in fields as diverse as engineering, chemistry, and economics.
The non-linear bearings have a cubic non-linear term (Genta 1993), where the force-displacement relation for a nonlinear spring element can be written as a function of the complex displacement z by the law
These include nonlinear effects, such as a toxicity that initially decreases as concentration goes down but eventually increases, producing a U-shaped curve.
Chaos, or nonlinear dynamics, is a young science that is shedding light on an apparent inner order to seemingly random phenomena.
The relationships between Fourier expansions in nonlinear systems with the orthonormal sets are obtained as characteristics functions of Sturm-Liouville systems.
Researchers at NIST have developed a new technique for modeling nonlinear error data that can reduce the amount of testing that a linear model would require.
Biological systems are highly complex and their behavior can be nonlinear.
You've probably heard the terms linear and nonlinear bandied about lately.
This critical strain denotes where the nonlinear viscoelastic region begins.