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Adj.1.nonperiodic - not recurring at regular intervals
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1%) were found as the most frequent nonperiodic paroxysmal activity and probably appeared due to medication.
Everything that is not a common attractor is called a strange attractor, which corresponds to a nonperiodic, seemingly random, disordered and steady state motion pattern in a chaotic system.
2012, On the capabilities of the multi-channel singular spectrum method for extracting the main periodic and nonperiodic variability from weekly GRACE data.
1972) Statistical Methodology for Nonperiodic Cycles: From Covariance to R/S Analysis.
Further research is needed to study other issues of great interest, such as orbital stability under small initial disturbances of vector solitons and relationship between periodic and nonperiodic finite-energy solutions of system (1).
Skilled movements, such as reaching and grasping, are nonperiodic and are consciously controlled by the brain, while rhythmic movements such as locomotion are repetitive and stereotypical.
As is known, however, truncated Fourier series provide poor representations for nonperiodic functions, an inaccuracy which is only compounded by differentiation.
The EME measure is suitable for images with attributes like noncomplex segments, uniform background in segments, small targets in segments, nonperiodic pattern in segments, and little to no randomness in segments.
In addition to the high amplitude variations, the components show nonperiodic fluctuations with amplitudes ranging between units and tens of nT, which are accurately registered by MOURA, whose data match very well with SPT ones.
Nonperiodic payments--those that are neither periodic nor termination payments--include swap payments at the end of a swap term.
The study of nonperiodic symbolic sequences is an interesting field of study on its own, compare for instance [9] or [1].
Nonperiodic functions in fact cannot be derived from Fourier series; the real challenge, therefore, is thermal noise and thermodynamic stochastics.