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Adj.1.nonperiodic - not recurring at regular intervals
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The dynamic orbits are modelled in order to obtain information concerning periodic or nonperiodic behaviour of rotary system.
and gross melt fracture (large amplitude periodic and/or nonperiodic, chaotic distortions).
If we consider nonperiodic boundary conditions, the entry in the upper right corner of B becomes zero.
Walnut, Nonperiodic Sampling of bandlimited Functions on Unions of Rectangular Lattices, J.
Note also that such a bullet swap would provide for a contingent nonperiodic payment, and the rules for such payments have not been settled definitively yet.
In this case it corrects the first harmonic once again, corrects the nonperiodic term, describes the influence of prestress on the evolution of the second harmonic, and describes the propagation of the third harmonic in the physically nonlinear prestress-free material.
This apparent trajectory from the basic to the complex could more accurately be characterized as a progression from the general to the highly specific--starting with patterns that have translational symmetry, meaning they can be shifted in one direction or another and remain identical, and ending with tilings that are entirely nonperiodic, never repeating themselves through translation, reflection, or rotation.
A nonperiodic shift in sides of inflow and outflow was also observed.
In particular, entropy is used to characterize nonperiodic random phenomena, including physiological time series, and indicates the rate of information production as it relates to dynamic systems [28].
Three types of payments are made in connection with a total return swap: 1) periodic payments, 2) nonperiodic payments, and 3) termination payments.
3) National Principal Contracts; Contingent Nonperiodic Payments,
Crystal matchmaker Nonperiodic structures called quasicrystals acted as interfaces between crystal structures that ordinarily would not stick to each other (172: 46).