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Adj.1.nonphotosynthetic - not photosynthetic
photosynthetic - relating to or using or formed by photosynthesis
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Using computer simulations, the researchers found that if organisms with nonphotosynthetic pigments -- those that process light for tasks other than energy production -- cover enough of a distant planet's surface, their spectral signal could be strong enough to be detected by powerful future telescopes now being designed.
Purifying selection detected in the plastid gene mat K and fanking ribozyme regions within a Group II intron of nonphotosynthetic plants.
Two types of nonphotosynthetic bacteria could grow in seawater when the researchers fed them with Prochlorococcus vesicles as their only source of carbon.
Measurement of in situ activities of nonphotosynthetic microorganisms in aquatic and terrestrial habitats.
Divergence in mycorrhizal specialization within Hexalectris spicata (Orchidaceae), A nonphotosynthetic desert orchid.
And that brings us to another option that hasn't been explored yet: using nonphotosynthetic organisms to make liquid fuels from carbon dioxide," Toone says.
The early pool of free soluble sugar formed from sucrose hydrolysis might be a requisite in an otherwise nonphotosynthetic and energy deficient tissue for the synthesis of starch and other cellular micro- molecules requiring for initiating cell division and tissue growth [28].
chromoplast: Found in colored organs of plants such as fruit and floral petals, to which they give their distinctive colors and or nonphotosynthetic carotenoidbearing; membrane-bound organelles specialized for carotenoid storage.
Cadmium-dependent generation of reactive oxygen species and mitochondrial DNA breaks in photosynthetic and nonphotosynthetic strains of Euglena gracilis.
Perkinsus marinus has a nonphotosynthetic plastid in the biflagellate zoospore stage (Perkins 1996).