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Not seeking or producing a profit or profits: a nonprofit organization.
An organization, such as a charity, that does not seek or produce a profit: donated money to local nonprofits.


(Commerce) another word for non-profit-making
(Commerce) an organization that is not intended to make a profit


(nɒnˈprɒf ɪt)

1. not established for the purpose of making a profit.
2. a nonprofit organization.
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Noun1.nonprofit - an organization chartered for other than profit-making activities
organization, organisation - the act of organizing a business or an activity related to a business; "he was brought in to supervise the organization of a new department"
Adj.1.nonprofit - not commercially motivated
noncommercial - not connected with or engaged in commercial enterprises

nonprofit, non-profit

adj sin ánimo de lucro, sin fines de lucro
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NonProfit Talent Match Expands Services to Support Growing NonProfit Workforce Needs
Many nonprofits are focusing on the CFO function in their organizations--the result of increased scrutiny of nonprofit organizations' financials and performance, higher accountability to the public trust and the rapid growth and increased complexity of individual organizations.
The Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) announced that it has succeeded in spearheading a consortium of lenders that raised over half of the $2.
In the more than three years since September 11, many nonprofit organizations are still dealing with decreases in charitable giving and conference registrations.
The nonprofit sector is increasingly being recognized for its impact in our country.
In recent years, a number of nonprofit organizations--including the United Way, Red Cross and Adelphi University--have been highlighted in the press for questionable spending and compensation arrangements.
One way to get the necessary experience is to become a board member for a nonprofit organization.
VALENCIA - As Santa Clarita continues to grow, so does the importance of nonprofit organizations, and the Santa Clarita Valley Resource Center is offering several new programs to help charity groups work together.
It is no coincidence that the first national nonprofit conservation organization in the United States, AMERICAN FORESTS, was devoted to trees and forests.
Unfortunately, in the nonprofit world, the buck often doesn't stop anywhere.
PHILADELPHIA -- With increased competition among nonprofits in an environment of eroding public trust, nonprofit organizations are struggling more than ever to safeguard their missions.
WASHINGTON, March 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Nonprofit HR today announced the results of its eighth annual Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey, which this year indicates the nonprofit sector is projecting a growth rate that is on target to outpace the corporate sector.

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