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1 (showing, in the table for "[a]ll convicted felons," that 57% of outcomes could be accurately predicted by chance, 60% when nonracially correlated factors were added, 67% when crime characteristics were added, 70% when criminal history variables were added, and still 70% when demographic and "[o]ther" variables were added).
In the end, the Natal government introduced a technically nonracially worded act in 1897 requiring all potential immigrants to meet literacy requirements to write out and sign an application in a European language--and meet property demands (twenty-five pounds), thereby ensuring only a few immigrants from India would be eligible.
One court considered classrooms to be segregated if (1) the ratio of black students to white students in the classroom is outside the range of 25-75% in nonracially identifiable schools or (2) composition of the classroom varies more than plus or minus 10% from the ratio of minority to white students in that grade level in the school.