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Adj.1.nonreflective - not capable of physical reflection
reflective - capable of physically reflecting light or sound; "a reflective surface"
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We advised the client that our design parameters favored the nonreflective, pebbled surface of United Solar Ovonic's panels for the installation.
The other walls, floor, and ceiling surfaces are painted with black and nonreflective paint to form a good optical background.
Although the department gave the show permission to use the sheriff's badges, Baca said they ``ended up writing a script that was horribly nonreflective of the Sheriff's Department's core values.
4) He postulates that this leads to one of three kinds of professional identities: technical (includes cynicism), nonreflective (characterized by self-delusion) and compassionate and responsive (able to resist or overcome the above value conflicts).
The tough, rust-resistant, nonreflective finish is Cerakote by Fit 4 Duty.
Social work educators may find that the vocabulary-traditionally used in dual-relationship discussions is limited and nonreflective of the intricacies of diverse social work practice.
The Bassett and Hill model maintains that all emotional experiences have the capacity to be morally ambidextrous and are typically assessed at both a reflective (the rational mode of knowing) and nonreflective (the experiential mode of knowing) level.
41) There, the sovereignty of the individual over himself (the masculine case is of course important here, particularly for the faultless and nonreflective blindness it illuminates) is asserted as a vital element in the struggle against political tyranny.
Others even have a blackened stainless finish, offering the rust-resistant properties of stainless steel with the tactical superiority of a black, nonreflective finish.
This process eliminates the proclivity of students to wait until the day or hour before the next class to write a nonreflective review of the preceding class.
The inquiry audit consisted of an outside expert, a school counseling professional, who reviewed the analysis process and resulting themes to ensure that conceptual decisions stayed true to the data and were not based on researcher bias or nonreflective, a priori theory (Janesick, 2000).
Still, ICOMOS recommended a number of aesthetic measures for the new store, including the use of nonreflective roofing materials, perimeter walls, and trees.