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Adj.1.nonrepresentative - not standing for something else
representative - standing for something else; "the bald eagle is representative of the United States"
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First, a small proportion of patients (less than 1 percent) die in each of the study years and, as these patients are not replaced, this will leave a nonrepresentative sample of healthier individuals over time.
While fathers recorded these activities, given the nature of my sample (small, nonprobability, and nonrepresentative of the larger population of stay-at-home fathers), the time diary results should not be generalized beyond the men who participated in the study.
See Waldron, supra note 8, at 1360 ("We are to imagine a society with (1) democratic institutions in reasonably good working order, including a representative legislature elected on the basis of universal adult suffrage; (2) a set of judicial institutions, again in reasonably good order, set up on a nonrepresentative basis to hear individual lawsuits, settle disputes, and uphold the rule of law; (3) a commitment on the part of most members of the society and most of its officials to the idea of individual and minority rights; and (4) persisting, substantial, and good faith disagreement about rights (i.
Most of the studies utilized smaller, nonrepresentative samples including mostly male participants in earlier stages of illness (Hoehn and Yahr stages 2-3) and did not include younger or advanced-aged persons with PD.
He held nonrepresentative status of FATA responsible for the situation FATA is going through.
These cases, however, are only a nonrepresentative subset of the cases in which a network provider has an incentive to discriminate among classes of applications.
To answer these questions we need to recall Descartes's distinction between the representative and nonrepresentative functions of ideas.
Statistically nonrepresentative stratified sampling: a sampling technique for qualitative studies, Qualitative Sociology 9(1): 54-57.
However, this would be only a partial estimation based on a nonrepresentative sample since only Veterans who (1) receive VA healthcare and (2) report current symptoms during the TBI screen would be referred to the CTBIE.
28) Numerous studies have evaluated demographic and social variables for associations with intimate partner violence among representative and nonrepresentative samples.
The datasets located for this review, however, generally are either outdated or nonrepresentative, and their limitations must be recognized in any attempt to estimate the burden of alcohol use in this population.
Avramov called the government "a hotchpotch of a cabinet" and hopes that it addresses the country's two main issues: social unrest and abuse of power by state institution seen as nonrepresentative and corrupt.