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 (nŏn-rĕz′ĭ-dənt, -dĕnt′)
1. Not living in a particular place: nonresident students who commute to classes.
2. Owned by, applying to, or characteristic of a person who is not a resident of a particular place: nonresident property; a nonresident fishing license.

non·res′i·dence, non·res′i·den·cy n.
non·res′i·dent n.


1. a person who is not residing in the place implied or specified: the hotel restaurant is open to nonresidents.
2. (Accounting & Book-keeping) a British person employed abroad on a contract for a minimum of one year, who is exempt from UK income tax provided that he or she does not spend more than 90 days in the UK during that tax year
not residing in the place specified
nonˈresidence, nonˈresidency n


(nɒnˈrɛz ɪ dənt)

1. not resident in a particular place.
2. a person who is nonresident.
non•res′i•dence, non•res′i•den•cy, n.
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Noun1.nonresident - someone who does not live in a particular place; "described by an admiring nonresident as a green and pleasant land"
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
occupant, occupier, resident - someone who lives at a particular place for a prolonged period or who was born there
Adj.1.nonresident - not living in a particular place or owned by permanent residents; "nonresident students who commute to classes"; "nonresident real estate"
resident - living in a particular place; "resident aliens"


[ˈnɒnˈrɛzɪdnt] nnon residente m/f; (in hotel) → ospite m/f di passaggio
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The FTB recently discussed issues to consider if your client is considering making an irrevocable election to file a nonresident group return on behalf of its electing nonresident individuals.
Our estimates suggest that nonresident snowmobilers spend about $147 per activity day, including food, lodging, and, often, snowmobile rental costs.
2013), was a big step toward nonresident alien gamblers' being treated similar to U.
Also, the number of nonresident employees seemed to be on the rise, leaving some in the Senate wondering if Alaska could do more to encourage local hire.
In New Brunswick, 64 percent of nonresident bear hunters are successful, while only 16 percent of residents take a bear.
Nonresident investors sold more Japanese shares than they bought in June for the second consecutive month, logging the largest net selling amount in one-and-a-half years, according to data released Thursday by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
More research is needed to understand better the nature of nonresident father support in the lives of foster children, and the quantity and quality of interactions between mothers, non-resident fathers and their children.
Lebanon ranked second after the UAE among the region's resident and nonresident Arab executives, but came last among expatriates residing in the region and nonresident expatriates in terms of favorite relocation destination.
The Nonresident Keralites Bill seeks to cater to the welfare of non-resident Keralites by providing for pension and other benefits".
The purpose of the study was to examine the leisure patterns of nonresident fathers while spending time with their child(ren), and to examine leisure constraints, leisure facilitators and nonresident fathers' satisfaction with family leisure activities.