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Adj.1.nonresilient - not resilient
inelastic - not elastic; "economists speak of an inelastic price structure"
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Resilient individuals react positively to events, while nonresilient individuals become pessimistic, fail to develop, and allow events to destroy them emotionally and physically.
Dominant nonresilient flooring to grow the fastest Floor covering consumption patterns vary greatly across the world.
He used this data to develop primate research studies which concluded that vertex deceleration resulted in direct transmission of force through the rigid, nonresilient helmet and intact skull to the brain.
If Ramo's nihilistic vision of the future holds true, the nonresilient will become the wreckage of bygone civilizations.
Longitudinal health endangering behavior risk among resilient and nonresilient early adolescents.
Motivation and learning environment differences between resilient and nonresilient Latino middle school students.
Nonresilient social-ecological systems are vulnerable to external change while a resilient system may even make use of disturbances as opportunities to transform into more desired states (Walker et al.
The authors point out how each of these persons' thought processes set him or her apart from the nonresilient study volunteers.
Although demand growth will slow considerably through the forecast period, by 2007 laminate flooring is expected to account for over 20 percent of nonresilient demand and over ten percent of total hard surface flooring demand.
New York has programs for the sensory-deprived and cognitively challenged, for disruptive inmates with mental health problems, for the victim-prone and the nonresilient.
The process uses a noncompressive, coated abrasive film backed by patented, precision-shaped nonresilient tooling for full, consistent part-to-abrasive contact through the finishing cycle.
People who are persistently depressed are notably nonresilient and least able to ward of the negative consequences of a hip fracture.