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Relating to or being a drug that does not cause sedation as a side effect.
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Seabather's eruption can be treated with sedating or nonsedating antihistamines (level of evidence [LOE]=5).
Claritin is the first nonsedating antihistamine to change to over-the-counter (OTC) status.
TNE provides a safe and nonsedating method of directly observing the reconstructed area, even early in the postoperative period.
Meanwhile, pseudoephedrine 12-hour tablets, a nonsedating nasal decongestant, is a popular seasonal item, providing relief from the common cold, hay fever and upper respiratory allergies.
The open-label study at the National Allergy, Asthma & Urticaria Centers of Charleston included 12 patients with chronic autoimmune urticaria who remained symptomatic despite high-dose treatment with a nonsedating antihistamine and hydroxyzine.
It's going to be a clinical challenge, much like physicians faced when nonsedating antianxiety agents became available.
Desloratadine, a nonsedating, selective antihistamine, often produces improvement with the very first dose, Dr.
In addition to the obvious benefits of symptom control, "treatment with a well studied, nonsedating antihistamine may improve school attendance and reduce classroom impairment," said Dr.
physicians can order free generics samples from three high-cost categories --antihypertensives, antidepressants, and gastrointestinal agents--as well as over-the-counter medications in the nonsedating antihistamine and pain-relief arenas.
He was advised that if it made him sleepy, he could call the office for a prescription for a nonsedating antihistamine.
Treating patients with nonsedating antihistamines is becoming tricky as insurers start to limit coverage for these commonly used medications.
She was prescribed a nonsedating antihistamine, but it provided no relief after 10 days.